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About us

Ukiyo is a Japanese term for the urban lifestyle and culture in Japan, and Ukiyo Izakaya & Ramen Bar is ready to transport your palette from Savannah to the thrill-seeking and adventurous side of urban Japan.

No, we are not another sushi spot. Instead, you'll get to experience everything from our signature ramen dishes to our mouth-watering salt and pepper quail. Taste and sample Japanese street food with our own twist.
After acquiring this location to support our other restaurants it became clear that this was too good a space to waste. We've always wanted to open an Asian restaurant here in Savannah, and after meeting AJ Benacquisto who would become our executive chef, it became clear that Ukiyo was more than a restaurant. It was destiny.
Whether you are a tourist or a Savannah local, we welcome you to experience Ukiyo with our open kitchen, ramen bar, and available patio seating. In Japanese fashion, each guest will get a few dishes to encourage sharing and sampling among friends. Eating isn't just about taste and flavor, it's about community.

"The Floating World"

Living in the moment. Detached from the bothers of life. Ukiyo is not just a restaurant or bar, it's an Izakaya. It's designed to be a place for meeting friends and sharing small plates and conversation over a few drinks. Somewhere to come and relax and leave behind the daily grind. Izakayas are not bound by tradition and have a range of small and large dishes, ordered as you like throughout the visit. Sharing is what makes an Izakaya special and is the perfect blend of bar and food.